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Starting in January, I will be freelancing one day a week. I am doing this with my own company, SOFAV. In addition, I will continue to work at EMG Blue Label for the rest of the week (four days, 32 hours).


SOFAV stands for Software and Audio Visual technology, the things I want to work on with SOFAV. The logo can be seen with a little imagination as a screen, but also as “brackets,” something often used in program code.

Why I am freelancing

One of the reasons I am starting SOFAV is that I want to be challenged and continue to learn. Blue Label (and EMG as a whole) is primarily focused on multicam video productions. The challenge and my strength are especially in the diversity of tasks and learning and discovering new things.

Both privately and at Blue Label, I develop software, often to get different devices or applications to work together. For example, at Blue Label, I made software to control routers, and for EMG, I linked the plan system and the issuance plan board together. I also controlled the XPression graphics machines with MIDI. And privately, I have made CasparCG graphics for basketball games, among other things.

In addition to programming, there are many other facets that I would like the opportunity to work on that I currently have less opportunity for, such as audio, light, projection or radio. Learning new things and supporting a project with broad knowledge is something I really enjoy.

Challenge me

Do you have a project where you could use my broad knowledge, or is there something you think I would find interesting and want to learn? Let me strengthen your company. Find ways to contact me here.

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